13 Jul 2017

What to do in Clapham this Summer

Guide to the highlights of Clapham

13 Jul 2017

Clapham offers plenty of great restaurants, bars and pubs and has become a desirable place to live ever since the 1980s. It was originally mentioned in the Domesday Book as Clopeham, where it grew from a tiny village to an affluent area in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This area has spread out over the years and now straddles both the Wandsworth and Lambeth boroughs. It is divided into four areas, Clapham South, Clapham Junction, Clapham North and Clapham Old Town. Celebrities such as Piers Morgan and JK Rowling have lived in this part of the city.

There are plenty of fun things to do in this part of the city, from theatre to club nights to concerts and more. Clapham High Street and Venn Street are lined with welcoming cafes, specialty shops and organic markets.

The friendly and sociable locals make this one of the most attractive places to live in London. The residents here are a multinational mix of professionals, university students and families – who are enjoying living close to some of the finest neighbourhoods in London without paying the extremely high prices. The area has the feeling of a small village and when you live there you will get to know your neighbours and will no doubt build a strong sense of community.

Are you moving to Clapham this summer, or just visiting to explore this part of the city? Here are just a few of the fun things that you can do while you are in Clapham, London.

Go Shopping in Clapham Old Town

Clapham Old Town is a lovely place for a stroll on a sunny summer day. Take a walk down the picturesque streets and visit trendy clothes shops, boutiques and other quirky independent local shops. After updating your wardrobe, you can visit one of the friendly local cafes and relax with a cup of coffee. Or, look for the Stonehouse Pub, which has a lovely little beer garden and some excellent food.

Lounging in Clapham Common

When the weather is pleasant many residents of Clapham head to the green grassy expanse of Clapham Common, a 220-acre park. This urban oasis is host to a number of concerts and festivals throughout the year including Colourscape Music Festival, Eurodance and many more and is a great place to enjoy a picnic with friends. On a summer day you will see plenty of people relaxing on blankets and soaking up the English sunshine. Clapham Common also has a range of sporting facilities, including a bowling green, football pitch, running track and cricket pitch.

Enjoying the Nightlife

Clapham is a lot of fun after dark and there are many great nightlife venues here, from classic pubs to dance clubs. Clapham High Street and Clapham Junction are the two main areas for nightlife whilst Clapham Junction is home to the famous Clapham Grand. The Belle Vue is also a popular pub – serving high-end pub food like gammon steak, beer battered fish and chips and braised lamb shank. The music is a mix of indie rock and 80s tunes and there are poker nights on Sundays and Irish music on Fridays.

Clapham Outdoor Markets

Another great Clapham activity to enjoy on a summer’s day is shopping at one of the excellent outdoor markets. The Venn Street Market on Clapham High Street is known for its wonderful variety of gourmet cuisine and is definitely a favourite with foodies. The Abbeville Farmers Market on Abbeville Road is open every Sunday and offers farm fresh products including produce, cheese, meat and baked goods. Northcote Road Market at Clapham Junction is open every day of the week and offers food as well as antiques, second hand books and flowers. Why not take the scrumptious market goodies to Clapham Common and have an al fresco lunch on the grass?

These are just a few of the great activities that you can enjoy in Clapham this summer. Do you live in Clapham or frequently visit this party of the city? What do you like to do during the summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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